When my husband and I moved to Orcas Island from Manhattan 25 years ago, we were truly babes in the woods when it came to island real estate. I know that this may sound funny coming from a New Yorker, but it was true. We loved Orcas, but we were certainly not experts when it came to purchasing property in the San Juans.  My appreciation for the importance of finding a Realtor that you can talk to, feel comfortable with, trust to have the necessary expertise and, of course, your best interests at heart was borne out of our experience.  Now with a quarter century of Orcas living, a great deal of community involvement and a long and educationally invaluable stint as publisher of the local newspapers, I do know Orcas.  Seekers of Orcas property, whether for the lifestyle or for the investment or both, can feel comfortable that I can provide the interpersonal services that are essential in a Realtor.

On a personal note, it’s been wonderful being able to indulge in my love of animals here, both in terms of living with some wonderful dogs and cats from Orcas, as well as working for them through the Orcas Animal Protection Society. I have also been fortunate enough to be an investigator/transporter for Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center—helping to rescue an injured eagle has to be one of my most memorable experiences. Working on numerous non- profit boards, often in fundraising and event coordination, has allowed me to utilize the advertising and marketing skills I brought from New York in a meaningful and enjoyable way.