Focus on Sustainability

Greetings, I have been a Real Estate Broker in the Pacific NW since 2003.  I began my practice in Portland,  OR, working with clients seeking sustainable urban homestead solutions.  As I helped more and more clients purchase land and homes suitable for growing food and developing community, I grew more interested in edible landscape design and became a Certified Permaculture Designer.  I have helped many people to purchase & design their homesteading systems with the right plants and structures for the right locations on their property.  

Ecological Services

I have or am developing partnerships with the following Ecological & Sustainability-focused service providers: 
- Eco-Home Construction
- Eco-Remodeling
- Tiny Home Construction - options to have tiny homes, mobile and built with natural materials by Cascadia Homesteads on Orcas Island.  A great way to place a home on land before you can build one, live with a small footprint, or as a way to build community on your land by adding quality, low-impact living spaces.
- Organic Land-Care - from ecological/edible landscape design to gardening and landscape care
- Animal husbandry - want to have animals on your land and need a local partner to make it happen?
- Sustainable Forest Practices - this starts with tree care and a connection with an ecological arborist, but there are many sustainable management options for land that you own with existing forest stands.  This is a developing area of inquiry with the WA Department of Natural Resources and local forestry contacts.  Stay tuned.