I’ve been called the ideal ambassador for Orcas Island. After 25 years of living on this magical island, I still consider it the best of both worlds. A place where I can work and play, all in a glorious setting while wearing my Levis; a nice change from the formality of my former career as a retail executive! In 1996 I established the first Orcas Island web site for an individual Realtor: www. twolaneroad.com. I also introduced the Two Lane Road Team concept. I work closely with Realtor colleagues, excellent mortgage brokers, water experts, excavators, our surveyor...simply all the necessary relationships needed to accomplish a transaction, smoothing the road for my Sellers and Buyers. I know our island well. Having served on the Friends of the Library Board, and as a Fire Commissioner for over 17 years, I still remain involved in our community. I am often asked about the Two Lane Road name. If you are curious, just ask me!

Testimonial from Buyers

08-26-2014 - brucehanna “ Looking for a place on Orcas Island? Good friends who have lived on the island for 30 years recommended Harvey, and we are very pleased. He seems to know everyone on the island, and the history of people and properties, so the livability of neighborhoods. He is unhurried, but responsive and patient with us, as we get excited about one place, then discover some reason to continue looking to other choices for our right place.Harvey has patiently helped us for about two years, as we started with interest, but were unsure whether we were ready to buy or to continue renting summer places. In 2014, we have stayed for over two months to be sure we want to own our own place -- and have the option to return now and then during the rest of the year

Testimonial from Buyers

09-08-2014 - wjdwoodworking- bill davis “ I had an exceptionally positive experience with Harvey Olsan beginning with our initial phone conversation from across the country. He had a relaxed, low pressure approach which made me feel at ease and carried on throughout the process of viewing a dozen homes on Orcas Island. He got to knowing more about me and my needs as a homeowner as we discussed the business of life, our interests and what would work for me and my family living on Orcas. The results of his patience , expertise and follow through enabled me to find a place I can call home. “Harvey is even keeled and excellent to work with. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about Orcas Island as well. We purchased an investment property through Harvey. Harvey was also able to help us complete the transaction while we

Testimonial from Sellers

Michael Saks- “As we prepared to sell our properties, we found you by asking a friend, who has lived on Orcas for many years and who had for a time worked in the real estate business, to tell us who he thought was the best realtor on the island. He recommended you. Our net stop was your office. You made the entire process easy and efficient for us. Your advice for preparing the properties for showing to buyers proved to be very sound. When I called or emailed with questions, you had the answers and helpful advice”