Ten Qualities to Look for in Your Realtor

Buying or selling a home is a huge decision emotionally and financially. Finding the right Broker is absolutely crucial to the success of your journey, and often it can be challenging to know what to look for. Here are 10 pivotal qualities you should be looking for when selecting your Realtor:

1. Likable

Whether you are selling or buying, the real estate process can be extremely time consuming. You will undoubtedly be spending a ton of time with your Realtor, and for this reason: you want to make sure you also genuinely like your Realtor. Look for someone who meshes well with your personality, someone who might share your same values or has similar interests. Your Realtor doesn’t have to be your best friend, but having professional chemistry will make the process much more enjoyable for everyone.

2. Trustworthy

Trustworthiness is absolutely crucial in your real estate transaction, as you will be putting a lot of faith into your Broker. There are a number of ways to narrow down this attribute: Conducting diligent interviews with different Brokers will give you something to compare and contrast. Don't be afraid to ask for client references either, there is nothing more revealing of a Broker than the testimonials of their past sales. Asking trusted friends and family is another brilliant way to narrow down your search in ensuring the integrity of your Broker.

3. Experienced

The more experience a Broker has, the more knowledge they will have on the market, the area, and the various needs a client might have. If you are planning on starting from scratch and eventually build your dream home, look for a Broker with experience in land consultation and property development. If it's a commercial property you are hoping to buy or sell, make sure your Broker has a portfolio of past commercial sales and an in-depth understanding of the unique commercial process. Your individual needs as a client are important, and your Broker should carry enough experience to properly meet them. 

4. Local

The Orcas Island real estate market is distinctive and individual, requiring the navigation of an experienced island Realtor to find the most success. The best way to achieve the island dream is to go with a Realtor already living the lifestyle; they will understand exactly what you are looking for, and share the same deep appreciation for the islands. Island Realtors are individualistic, principled, and locally connected, attributes that will serve you for a life-time. 

5. Self - Motivated

Your Broker should be eager in pleasing you and motivated in achieving your real estate goals. Look for someone who takes professional initiative throughout the process. They should be analyzing the market constantly, and informing you of any relevant data. If you are buying, a Broker should be on the lookout for applicable homes, and actively scheduling with you to tour them. If you are selling, your Broker should keep you informed on inquiries, changes in market, and feedback from potential buyers. As a seller, the exposure of your home is crucial, and it is the responsibility of your Broker to market it effectively and with enthusiasm. Choosing a self-motivated Realtor will lighten your load while at the same time keeping you informed and on track with your goals. 

6. Straightforward

Real estate transactions can get complicated and confusing easily, for this reason it is important that your Broker is upfront and straightforward. Your Broker has the tools, insight, and connections to understand the amount of interest a property is getting and what it is worth. If you are a buyer, your Broker should inform you of the competitiveness of an applicable property, and the details of your potential deals immediately. If they are selling your home, upfront and honest conversations about property value, possible repairs, and the state of the current market should be taking place straight away. Real estate has no room for sugar-coating, your Broker should create the space for an upfront and straightforward line of constant communication.

7. Detail-Oriented

Real estate transactions are big machines made up of small moving parts. Whether you are selling or buying you will have to make numerous crucial decisions to reach your goals. Look for an agent that pays attention to details, asks questions, and plans accordingly. Paperwork should be read through thoroughly and checked once or twice by your Broker. When touring homes, your Broker should be asking the right questions and analyzing every square inch of the property. A Broker who shows a precise attention to detail will limit error and confusion, and inevitably help you to find your perfect fit.

8. Connected

A Broker with an established network of connections will not only help you in the early stages of the process, but even after the sale is closed. Find a Broker with a network of contractors, vendors, appraisers and other Realtors; this shows a preparedness for any and everything. If you are moving to the island for the first time, the right Broker will help you to meet all the right people, connecting you with reliable and professional services you may use even after finding your home.  

9. Committed

The right Broker should be 100% committed to your and all of your real estate needs. This should be demonstrated in a number of crucial ways. A steady stream of communication should be established and kept, whether your transaction lasts a few months or a few years. Questions and concerns should be answered and taken care of in a timely manner. Your Broker should put an effort into getting to know you and understanding exactly what you are looking for, putting your best interests forward every step of the way. 

10. Professional

A professional agent is trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated. They take great pride in their work and reach for maximum success in every step of the process. Your Broker should show the utmost professionalism not only in their dealings with you, but also with their coworkers, fellow Brokers, and staff. Look for a Broker who takes their job seriously, exhibits refinement, and genuinely cares about their dealings and performance.


Whether you are buying or selling, taking the time to research your potential brokers and their firms is crucial to your transactional success. Ask questions, look at testimonials, and find an agent that is fully committed to serving you. Check out our qualified team of expert Brokers at Windermere Real Estate Orcas Island, or call us at (360) 376-8000 to set up an interview. 



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