How We Find Hygge on Orcas Island

Hygge (pronounced “hooga”), is defined by the country of Denmark as “taking time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about - or even by yourself - to relax and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures.” On an island where all four seasons are individually celebrated, we often find ourselves indulging in the coziness of Hygge as we make our way through the colder months. For us, life's quieter pleasures can be experienced through the food, home, and holidays here on Orcas Island. Grab your closest friends, or journey alone, through the Hygge that Orcas Island has to offer.

With over 30 fabulous restaurants and multiple Island grocery stores, every foodie can find their own taste of coziness. Rosario Resort & Spa offers candlelit dinner right over beautiful views of the Cascade Bay on their historical mansion veranda; complete with the snug tastings of Duck, Short Rib, and Vegetable Pot Pie. Brown Bear Baking is another island favorite in the colder months, combining homey bakery ambience with hand-crafted delicacies to bring any patron tasteful pleasure. Roots Orcas Island presents curated private chef dinners and events put on by local chefs, from coursed dinners to a past ‘crab-feast’. Thinking of dining at home? The Orcas Village Store, located at the ferry landing, includes daily specials, an in-house butcher, and specialty wines and cheeses. The specialized dining and shopping on Orcas Island allows any and all foodies to find their own taste of Hygge. 

In the colder months, Hygge really starts at home; serving as a space for islanders to bring people and warmth directly into their lives. Cozy up your bedding with flannel or jersey material to hold in the warmth, and even add a few textured throw pillows. Consider adorning your floors with a large area rug or strategically layer a few smaller ones to keep your feet cushy. Looking for a reminder of warmer times? Colder months are the perfect time to bring out the Summer memories with framed photos and displays, keeping the mind and heart cared for. When inviting friends over, start a fire, light a few candles, and put up a wreath to welcome life’s quieter pleasures right into your home.

Holidays serve as the perfect time to bring individuals and the cozy spirit together. Gift-giving in the islands leaves no stone unturned, allowing individuals to spread little curated bundles of joy all around. For the Food & Beverage enthusiast: Girl Meets Dirt Heritage Preserves and Curated Gift Sets, pair perfectly with bread, cheese, and the holiday spirit. Doe Bay Wine Company boasts a plethora of “fine wines from small places”, along with bottle shop events and private tastings. For the island shopper: Island Thyme, an OG favorite, creates their own line of botanical bodycare now available for purchase online and in their brand new storefront on Eastsound. Darvill’s Bookstore is another treasured island establishment, displaying a curated collection of books, gifts, and home accessories. Islanders can also look forward to cherished holiday events, such as tree lightings and holiday markets.

Whether you prefer to find Hygge through food, home, holidays, or a combination of all three, Orcas Island has got you covered. Allow us to show you around this magical place, where warmth and coziness are of the essence. To find your slice of snug heaven, call our office to schedule a listing tour at (360) 376-8000, or visit our website.