LifestyleSan Juan Islands October 24, 2015

Why I Love Living On Orcas Island

On Orcas Island, we LOVE parades. Any excuse, we are going to have a parade. The entire community comes out and supports them. Yesterday was Homecoming, which is a big deal just about anywhere, but for a small community like ours, it’s huge. The parade started at the high school down Prune Alley, right on to Main Street, then right on North Beach and ended on the Village Green with a bonfire and pep rally. Or Orcas, it just feels like more gentle times. Everyone gets excited and has a wonderful time. I don’t have children, but on Homecoming, those 50 plus kids might as well be mine with that feeling of pride that washes over you as realize how great these kids are and that most of them are destined for bigger and better things in life. They have such a solid foundation put in place for them. They know and care about the environment, because the shoreline, ocean and all the creatures that live in and around are all part of their studies. They know community service and are some of the first to step up and volunteer.
I hope you enjoy some of the photos from our homecoming parade.