Lifestyle Why I Love to Call Orcas Island Home Why I Love to Call Orcas Island Home Peaceful nature, enchanting local goods, and a tight-knit and distinctive community are just some of the reasons I love to call Orcas Island home. Although I flew the coop after 18 years of an unrivaled childhood on the island, I have yet to find a place with […]
Lifestyle The Beauty of the San Juan Islands The Beauty of the San Juan Islands An iconic Pacific Northwest archipelago known for breathtaking landscapes and wildlife; the San Juan islands are like no other. As the noise, pollution, and animosity of urban life drift away by boat or plane, individuals can find peace within each of the distinct San Juan Islands. Native flora […]
Lifestyle Aeromedical Services on Orcas Island Aeromedical Services on Orcas Island The rural and remote nature of Orcas Island is one of its most charming and coveted aspects: the flora and fauna are plentiful, privacy is easy to find, and residents can feel comforted by the ferry ride’s distance from the mainland. At the cost of idyllic seclusion, Orcas residents do […]
Articles Hygge on Orcas Island How We Find Hygge on Orcas Island Hygge (pronounced “hooga”), is defined by the country of Denmark as “taking time away from the daily rush to be together with people you care about – or even by yourself – to relax and enjoy life’s quieter pleasures.” On an island where all four seasons are individually […]
Articles Fall Events in the San Juan Islands Fall Events in the San Juan Islands One of the most beloved traits of the San Juan Islands is its celebration of all four unique seasons. While the summers are magical, the island’s swift transition into the colder months of Fall carries its own special magic. As the leaves begin to change, so do the […]
Articles Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: 4 Helpful Tips on Elevating Your Space Getting Your Home Ready to Sell: 4 Helpful Tips on Elevating Your Space Selling your home? Discover essential tips to elevate your space, from deep cleaning and handyman repairs to decluttering and staging. Get it ready for potential buyers with Windermere Orcas Island. Putting your home on the market can seem complicated and stressful. Windermere […]
Lifestyle Orcas Landing, Then and Now Orcas Landing Then & Now William Sutherland homesteaded approximately 60 acres at what today is the Orcas Landing. In the 1880’s he built a dock, warehouse, and store.  This was the first store at the Landing and one of five stores on Orcas Island at the turn of the century.    From 1900-1904, he built […]
Lifestyle The Lower Tavern, Then and Now The Lower Tavern Then & Now The Lower Tavern has been a beloved gathering place on Orcas Island for decades. From karaoke nights to Seahawk Sundays, and everything in between, it is a long-standing favorite for islanders and tourists alike. It has been in its current location for the past 30+ years, however, that is […]
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Lifestyle Kangaroo House, Then and Now Kangaroo House Then & Now The year is 1907, a nickel buys you a double feature, wearing a bathing suit without a skirt will get a woman arrested for indecent exposure and there won’t be electricity in the San Juan Islands for another 30 years. On Orcas Island, on the site of a 160 acre […]
Lifestyle A1 Drive-In, Then and Now A1 DRIVE-IN CAFE Then & Now In the late nineteen sixties Eastsound had the appearance of a town fallen on hard times. Abandoned cabins were slowly disintegrating under the relentless growth of blackberry canes. An open sewer ran along Prune Alley. There were more children playing in the streets than open storefronts. For a very […]
Lifestyle West Beach, Then and Now
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Articles We are the Women of Windermere We are the Women of Windermere  
Articles Windermere-UW Aspire Internship Grows in Second Year Windermere-UW Aspire Internship Grows in Second Year
Articles Seattle Magazine Feature 3 Reasons to Check Out Orcas Island’s Burgeoning Wine Scene Private label Pét-Nat and irreverent wine temples lay just 100 miles north of Seattle. Orcas Island has always drawn visitors with its monumental views, lush parks, and utterly relaxing island vibe. Now, with new wine bars, tasting menus, and sommelier services, the ever-growing food and […]
Articles Thanksgiving Planner   We have reached that time of the year again that is all about getting together with family and sitting down to big, elaborate meals. And while we are supposed to be happy and celebrating, many people are simply thankful to get through the holidays in one piece. Why must the holidays be so stressful? […]
Lifestyle We’ve Got You Covered on Orcas Island With the weather changing and winter rapidly approaching, Windermere Real Estate offices in Snohomish and King Counties are participating in the “We’ve Got You Covered” campaign; collecting cold weather gear for homeless youth in the city. While we are lucky to not have a large homeless population here on Orcas, there are still many people […]
Articles What is the Windermere Foundation? The Windermere Foundation was started in 1989 by the owners of Windermere Real Estate, which is based in Seattle. Since its inception, the Foundation has raised more than $33 million to support it’s mission: helping low income and homeless families. The Foundation began in Washington, but now has grown to serve the 10 western states. […]
Articles Autumn has arrived on Orcas There is nothing like stepping outside, taking a deep breath, and pulling your jacket just a little closer around yourself. I haven’t worn a jacket in months – oh the joys of summer. But I can’t resist the smile that emerges on my face as the goose bumps rise. Maybe it has to do with […]
Articles Putting your home into “Vacation Mode” We made it past July 5th and summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest! For many of us, this is the time when we not only get out of the house, but get out of the town where we live to enjoy a summer vacation. While I am a big proponent of […]