Articles October 25, 2016

Halloween is only a few days away. Are your pets ready?

If your critters are upset by the doorbell ringing, strange noises, or scary people in creepy outfits appearing at the door, now’s the time to come up with a plan.

1. Make sure your pet is in a secure area where it can’t bolt out the door. It may be better to keep them in a quiet room with some nice music playing.
2. Keep your cats inside for the night. Kids can play nasty pranks on kitties on this holiday, especially black cats.
3. Start putting Rescue Remedy into the water dish today to keep those anxiety levels low.
4. Tell them that there is going to be some strange noises and lots of knocks on the door and that they are safe and should just stay calm and relaxed. Send strong mental pictures of them snoozing through the commotion.
5. Candy is very tempting to many pets. Chocolate can be toxic to dogs and cats and those wrappers are impossible to digest. Keep that candy dish out of reach.
6. Put all burning candles out of reach. Curious pets can knock them over, start a fire, and seriously burn themselves.
7. Beware of decorations that can be ingested. It’s no fun to have surgery for an intestinal blockage.

Booooo!! Now that I’ve scared the heck out of you, go out and have some fun this Halloween. If your pets enjoy dressing up there’s no better day in the year!

This is from Mary J Getten – Animal commincator